We are a lifeline when someone goes missing. We receive and broadcast reports of missing, displaced and trafficked persons while engaging citizens and relevant stakeholders to help in finding them.

You can also help us achieve this by

  1. Giving your time
    Use the search directory to find out who is missing in your area or volunteer to join our citisearch program.
  2. Give Socially
    Join the search by following us on Facebook or Twitter. The more people share posters of a missing person with friends online, the more chance we have of finding them.
  3. Give anything
    Let us know how you are supporting LocateNG. Call us on +2348083007004 or send an email to supporters@locate.ng and tell us how you can help.

Disclaimer:Locate is NOT a law enforcement agency and does not monitor criminal activities, make arrests or investigate crimes. Locate is a crowd sourcing platform that allows people to easily report a missing person, while it leverages on the use of social media to instantly engage citizens to help in search for the missing. Nothing on this website constitutes or create a Law enforcment-citizen relationship. Please contact your Local Police Station first to report cases of missing persons as it will be required to activate a CitiSearch.